MQ-320 Die Cutting Machine
MQ-320 Die Cutting Machine

This high-precision flatbed die cutting machine operates with a variety of self-adhesive labels and laser labels. With the use of two high-performance photoelectric sensors, the position of the origin, inclination of coordinates and distance can be adjusted. The air-expanding unwind shaft is available in inside diameters up to 76mm, and the maximum unwind diameter reaches up to 500mm. It can handle a maximum dimension of up to 300mm x 290mm. Right after die cutting is completed, a multitude of rollers are used to convey the paper in a stable manner. In this method of conveying, the paper is suspended in the airstream, providing very stable tension control.

    This die cutting machine is suitable for adhesive labels laser labels. It is of extremely high precision, with its paper cutting positioning unit controlled by servo system. The operations of filming, die cutting, waste material removing, and paper rewinding can be done in one operation.

  • Paper material feeding
    The air expanding shaft permits the maximum diameter of the paper role to be 500mm.

  • Photoelectric sensor for paper position correction
    The lateral correction is controlled by 2 high-accuracy photoelectric sensors, and the longitudinal correction is controlled by another one.

  • Die cutting for the paper material
    The maximum allowable dimension of the paper is 300mm *290mm. The speed of die cutting is up to 220 pieces of paper per minute.

  • Transmission for paper after die cutting
    The multi-roller transmission device is adopted to guarantee a smooth paper delivery.

  • Dancer roller transmission for paper
    The suspended type paper delivery way keeps the tension of the material stable, and allows for a smooth paper rewinding result.

  • Paper rewinding
    The maximum paper rewinding diameter is up to 500mm.

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