Super-320 Letterpress Machine
Super-320 Letterpress Machine

The Super-320 letterpress machine was developed in 2005. It is designed and packed based on the Japanese LINTEC concept. This machine is typically used in the paper feeding process that requires a reciprocating motion. Only one printing roller is needed to complete the printing of a diverse range of labels in small, medium or large batch quantities. This equipment uses advanced screen printing technology to support the increased demand for ink layers. The roller of the printing unit is driven by a high-performance servo motor. The servo motor is precisely controlled by a Japanese PANASONIC shaftless control system and a British TRIO control system.

Not only that, we combine the flexographic printing technology with adhesive laminating to meet customer requirements. This means the letterpress machine features a gluing function when used for cold foil stamping purpose. It can also provide varnishing function if the cold foil stamping is not required. The glue coating can be printed with one color or printed on the back of the piece. The BST camera is used to quickly measure the register accuracy when the letterpress machine is running. The fault detected will be automatically displayed on the screen.

    With the reciprocating drive mode, the letterpress printing machine can finish printing only with one plate roller. It is particularly suitable for printing varieties of tags in small, middle, or mass batches.

    Paper feeding
    The maximum feeding diameter is 700mm; and the width of feeding paper is 320mm.

  • Paper transmission
    We adopt a vacuum suction unit to guarantee a flat transmission result.

  • Paper position correction
    The BST correction device from Germany effectively reduces the material loss caused form wrong paper position during transmission.

  • Screen printing
    An excellent printing effect can be realized with the advanced screen printing technique.

    The printing units of the letterpress machine
    This device is designed with a shaftless control unit to exactly dominate the servo motors of each roller. The optimized ink roller is employed.

    Flexo printing
    It features gluing function when used for cold foiling. And the part or whole vanishing function is available when cold foiling is in no need.

    Cold foiling
    A more aesthetic effect will be realized with the advanced foil structure. The maximum foil length is 260mm.

    Glue coating for the printing material
    The glue coating can be performed in one color or printed on the back piece of the printing material.

  • BST camera
    Here the BST camera is employed to record the accuracy of chromatic printing rapidly. The false will be displayed on the screen automatically.

  • Paper rewinding
    An independent motor is set to ensure the stability of the paper rewinding process. The maximum rewinding diameter is 700m.

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