RY-320 Flexo Stack Printing Machine
RY-320 Flexo Stack Printing Machine

Due to the advantages of a wide print range, pollution-free ink, great economic returns and high operation speeds, this product is the best choice for printing bills, cards and top-grade self-adhesive labels. The main motor comes with a variable-frequency drive, while stepless speed regulation can be achieved. Both the unwinding and rewinding units are controlled by magnetic particle brakes and clutches. The ceramic anilox roller means fewer replacements and a great increase in printing efficiency.

The IR drying equipment and UV drying equipment are easily interchangeable. The unwinding and rewinding units are clamped by air-expanding mandrels.

    This printing device is flexo stacked type, featuring wide printing range, pollution-free oil, and high printing speed.

  • Paper feeding
    The tension of the air expanding shaft whose inner diameter is 76mm is controlled via magnetic powder. It allows the maximum paper roll diameter to be 600mm.

    Paper transmission correction
    A smooth paper transmission result is ensured through the sensor control unit.

    Printing units
    Each color group is consisted of delivery roller, anilox roller, plate roll, and pull roll.

  • Paper delivery
    The printed paper material will be transmitted to die cutting station directly.

  • Paper rewinding
    The air expanding shaft with an inner diameter of 76mm allows for a maximum rewinding diameter of 600mm.

  • Control panel of the printing machine
    Each of the operations can be adjusted by manipulating the touch screen.

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