FQ-320 Slitting Machine
FQ-320 Slitting Machine

Shown here is our narrow-web slitting machine with the advantages of high speed, precise slitting, smooth operation and user-friendly operation. It uses a photoelectric sensor to ensure smooth conveying of the paper. The slitter is equipped with 3 knives. After the slitting is done, materials will be conveyed to the air expanding shaft by using a dancer roll. High speed, precise operation that is user friendly makes for an unbeatable combination.

    This slitting machine for paper is suitable for narrow strip slitting. We design it with the functions of variable-frequency drive, recording printing distance automatically, recording paper quantity automatically, stop printing automatically, and failure alarm. The photoelectric sensor from Germany is utilized for auto correction control. This slitting machine features compact structure, precise slitting result, easy operation, stable performance, and high working efficiency.

    Paper material feeding
    The paper to be cut are put in a 76mm air expanding shaft and then delivered.

  • Photoelectric control for the slitting process
    Paper is transferred stably under the control of photoelectric sensor.

  • Paper slitting
    The paper slitting machine is equipped with 3 knives, which are alternative according to different paper products. The slitting speed is up to 70m/min.

    Paper rewinding
    After the slitting process, the paper will be transferred to the air expanding shafts with a dancer roller.

    Panel of the paper slitting machine
    The upper left side of the panel displays users the corrosion sensitivity, and the lower left part shows the paper amount and slitting speed. Power (220V) is shown on the upper right corner. And on the lower right part are the buttons for power and blower.

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