ZTJ-330 Label Printing Press
ZTJ-330 Label Printing Press

What you see here is our ZTJ-330 label printing press. Each unit has an independent servo motor control. The shaftless drive guarantees the register precision during high-speed running for the machine. To maximize its stability in operation, this machine is equipped with the typical structure of the Heidelberg SM52 offset printing press which is considered the most advanced in Germany. It is also outfitted with the British TRIO control system, 23 ink rollers, as well as the printing roller, rubber roller and impression roller that are installed according to the 3-point suspension principle. The register can be remotely controlled without stopping this machine, which can help to enhance the utilization of materials and production efficiency dramatically. Additionally, we offer a vacuum backflow cylinder to prevent scratches on the back of the label in a reciprocating motion. The fully-automated operating system combined with a mobile, touch-screen control console makes your work extremely efficient. This machine features great speed, precision and efficiency at a very high level of automation at great cost savings! You cannot pass this one up, it is your best choice!

    The independent servo motor drive for every unit guarantees a stable chromatic effect under high-speed printing condition. And the advanced ink passage consisted of 23 ink rollers and alcohol dampening system has largely improved the printing quality.

  • Heidelberger SM52 ink feeding system
  • Platen roller
  • Secondary additional printing system
  • Position correction device
  • Die-cutting device
  • Flexographic coating
  • Flexographic coating
  • Paper pick-up assembly
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